Biography Yulia Dumanska

Julia Dumanska was born in Lviv on June 13, in the family of Oksana and Igor Dumansky.

She studied at school №91, and at the age of 14 went to school №90. Since she was a little girl, Julia has always been creative and, therefore, has tried herself in all sorts of activities - dancing, sports, music. But it was music that became a sense of her entire life. Julia has taken vocal lessons and visited vocal studios. Julia dedicated a lot of time to music while studying at the Lviv National University.

She graduated from the faculty of geography (Department of tourism management). She chose this faculty because of heer deep love for travelling, history ang geography of other countries. Bur her love for music was much stronger. At the age of 17 Julia had passed a casting to a local pop group, where she had been singing the next 5 years.

The decision to leave the group was predetermined by lack of development. According to her talent and experience, Julia felt that singing in a group was not enough for her. In this period a fateful acquaintance with Vitaly Kozlovsky took place, he saw the potential of Julia for being a solo singer and suggested her to start working together.

In 2013 Julia Dumanska started her collaboration with Vitaly Kozlovsky as a producer. Artists signed a contract and recorded a duet song "Mystery" and the same clip directed by Kate Tsarik. The success of the clip on the music channels was so great, that after a while Yulia decided to record a solo song.

It was the song "Mom,forgive me", and the video was taken by the Director Yevgeniy Timokhin. At the end of 2014 duet song "Mystery" was nominated for a music award "YUNA" in the category "Best duet", and Julia, meanwhile, added to her repertoire new solo songs.

There is a premiere scheduled for April - the video for the Ukrainian touching and sensual song "Forgive me" (directed by Sergei SOLODKY).

In parallel with the preparation of the new video Julia is actively working in Studio on new repertoire. All this music material will be included to her debut album.

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